Hiring egoDynamic


egoDynamic works on a blended hourly rate.  Any expenses (i.e. materials, client registrations or search engine submission costs, etc.) are disclosed up front – We do not want your business if it does not make sense for you!


A time and cost projection will be provided prior to any work starting – EgoDynamic is in the business of assisting your business, not surprising it.  Many of the programs that we offer are packaged and performed at a fixed rate - please inquire as to the best cost approach of our work.


Many of our clients like to work on a retainer model – to keep costs fixed and manageable.  This is often the most effective business arrangement and efficient use of time for everyone.


We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide a no cost / no commitment consultation to see how we may best serve you – please contact us at:

info@egodynamic.com or call us at 323.620.2865