Content Creation

Content generation is a specific niche in the freelance writing community.  We are talking about content as blocks of information for websites and blogs, used to capture search engine attention while also providing information to the reader.

Web content, needs to be written by someone, and website owners often turn to freelance writers to produce this content. We are aware that content generation is an area with many opportunities to assist in exposing our clients to the right demographic and targeted market area, for perhaps the least possible cost.

For projects that require a very large amount of content generation (in the case of clients having  or desiring 100’s of micro-sites and blogs), EgoDynamic is capable of outsourcing and performing quality control for our clients.

Client Website oMicro Sites

  • Blog’s
  • Electronic Marketing Materials
  • Email Blasts
  • Printed Marketing Materials
  • Advertorials
  • Mailers
  • Social Media Sites